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Serman Group Architecture starts through the union of a group of professionals of architecture and construction with over 20 years of experience, to provide a global service to our clients, managing all the areas of the complex and sometimes definitely complicate procces of design and construction. We intend this way to simplify and make grateful and inspiring the project and construction of your home, business or any other building. We are a consolidated team of design, project and construction at your disposal to give solution to your needs. At Serman Group Architecture we make a special point of team work, trust and service to our client. No waiting times and unnecessary delays. All with a personalized and dinamic service.

Taking care of all the range of works included in the building process, Serman Group Architecture does:

• Own real estate developments
• External real estate developments
• Projects [ building and town planning ]
• Direction of works on site
• Health and security plans and coordination
• New building, reforms and rehabilitation
• Turn key homes and villas [ Plot+project + Licence + Construction + Decoration]
• Technical and Town planning consultations [ Plot studies, Technical Reportes, Certificates, Court reports, Licences town hall...]

Some of our latest projects and Construction: